Feminist Fridays

What it is: Very recently, I've found myself getting more and more annoyed while reading books, because, while the plot is good, the characters are engaging, and it has all the makings for an amazing book, there's something niggling away at the back of my mind. In all fairness, I was warned when I took up that feminism in literature module that I wouldn't be able to look at things the same ever again, I just never expected it to interfere with my enjoyment of what, for all intents and purposes, was an awesome book.
So. What to do? Rather than litter the normal reviews with why the book was problematic, I decided to leave those just as they are: for comments on the plot, characterisation, world-building and prose (and fangirling of course!), and give the problematic elements their own time to shine.
A warning, though: I will be taking books apart, criticising them mercilessly, irregardless as to whether I liked it or not. If you see it's a book you love and can't stand seeing it critiqued, don't read the review.
These aren't a reflection on the quality of the writing, or a criticism of the author; I know we're not always aware of issues around us, so by no means take any of this as slander against authors, it's not. Could some elements in these books maybe do with some rethinking, so as to make it more equal? Maybe. Does that mean I hate the author and will never read anything of their ever again because I think they're misogynists? Absolutely not.
These will be caustic, dry, to-the-point and sarcastic, but all in the interest of having fun, and maybe opening up some eyes to some of the issues so prevalent in society today. They will go up once a month, on the last Friday of every month.

As per usual, most recent entries are towards the end.