About Me

This is me, being a turncoat to my beloved
Ravenclaw, by dressing up as a Slytherin.
I know. I'm horrified at myself, too.
Hello and welcome to BookWorm!

My name is Mandy, and I'm an English Literature student in the UK. I was born and raised in Brazil until I was 18, then I moved to the UK to do sixth form (that's high school for you Americans), and haven't left since. I also hope to not leave at all if I can help it.

As you may or may not (!) have noticed, this blog has kinda died. It's sad, but there you go. There were only so many things I could juggle at once, and in the end, this fell by the wayside. I'm loathe to delete it though, so it's just going to sit here for a bit until I decide what to do. Right now, it is unlikely I will take up blogging again, but never say never is my motto, so.

I've joined the YA Interrobang crew! I'm in charge of the indie author's articles there. So if that's something you're interested in, or even if you just think the idea of an online YA books magazine is cool (which it is!), then you should stop by. There's always something going on around there. :)