GIF reviews

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Think about this as the section of review blogs you never knew you wanted: it's reviews with GIFs (pictures that move, kind of like in Harry Potter, except these don't talk, sadly!).

It all stems from the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words - plus it usually means I get to use obnoxious amounts of David Tennant GIFs, because he has the best face in the world. And since I only do this for books that hold a very special place in my heart, I see it as a win-win situation: fun reviews (though be warned: because of their nature, they are spoiler-filled in a way that my normal reviews aren't, so I recommend reading the book first and then heading over to see if we reacted the same way to what happened - also to see David Tennant pull funny faces) and excellent books. What's not to love?

So, if you want to check these fun reviews out, most of which are of books I've done regular reviews for on here, you can find them all below. Older ones at the top, more recents ones at the end of the list!