Review Policy

Thank you for considering BookWorm to review your novel. Please note that I operate under a for review consideration mode. This means that, while I wholeheartedly plan on reading and reviewing all ARCs I receive, I hold the right to not post a review if I've been unable to finish the book for any reason.
Here's what I will read, what I won't, and what you can expect from me if you choose to give me a review copy:

What I will read:

  • I ask that you please include a blurb or synopsis of any book you'd be interested in having me review. Based on that, I will let you know if it sounds like something I would enjoy reading. Please note that I do have a policy for negative reviews which you can find towards the end of this page. I ask that you review that information carefully before e-mailing me for a review. 
  • I'm more than happy to disappear into a Fantasy, UF, SF, Romance (Paranormal or otherwise), Dystopia or Steampunk, novel. Contemporary, Mystery, Historical and Thrillers I'm slightly more picky about, though many of my favourites fall in such categories. If your novel is one of the latter four, please let me know the blurb or a synopsis so I can tell you if it's for me or not!
  • As you may have noticed, the blog is primarily centred around YA, NA and adult; however, I will consider books for younger audiences as well. If your book is MG, please give me the blurb of the book or a synopsis so I can let you know if I would be interested.
  • In regards to formatting, I will only read ebooks - please do not ask for an address.

What I won't read:

  • Basically, this list is short and is composed primarily by Non-Fiction books. This includes Self-Help, Cooking, Religious, etc. The only kind of Non-Fiction I consider reading are Biographies and Autobiographies, and only if the subject of the book interests me. 
  • I also draw the line at picture books, and anything intended for an audience younger than 9.

What you can expect from me:

  • Should you choose to send me a review copy (thank you!), I will endeavour to have the review up within a week from receiving it. This is due to the fact that I'm at university, and many times have to, sadly, give priority to my set texts over the ones I read for pleasure. If you have a specific date in mind for the review to go up, do let me know, even if it's less than a week, and I will do my best to meet your needs.
  • I'm also open for guest posts, interviews and blog tours and spotlights.
  • My reviews are always impartial to how I got the novel; I write about the book itself, regardless of whether I got it for free or not. My reviews tend to include observations on the main characters of the book, as well as observations about the plot and structure of the novel. It is simply that, as a Literature and Creative Writing student, these things are drilled into me as important to observe. I have, however, been known to wax poetic over books that I absolutely love, so while most reviews are structured, if your book was really, really good, you can expect lots of enthused reactions.
  • I also publish all my reviews on goodreads, and if I think any book I have read would suit any friend of mine particularly well, I will recommend it to them.
  • If I find your book isn't for me, I will e-mail you letting you know this, along with details on whether or not I finished the book. If I have, and just didn't like the subject matter, it is then up to you if you want me to post a less positive review (this involves any books that have garnered less than a 3/5 rating. I will tell you why I did not like the book, and let you know what rating I gave it) anyway or not; as a rule, I do not do so unless the author or publisher tell me they want me to. If you do decide you want me to review it anyway, I will not be unfair or petty in the review, sticking instead to an outline of what did work. I ask that you do not request these reviews if I have told you the book only rated 1/5, however.