Thursday, September 01, 2011

Book Review: Succubus Revealed

Title: Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid #5)
Author: Richelle Mead
Genre: Adult
Rating: 5/5
Cover: 10/10

I know I'm a suspect to say, since I tend to fall in love with everything Richelle Mead, but I still have to say it: I loved, loved, loved Succubus Revealed!

The Georgina Kincaid series were my least favorite of Mead's, greatly because I've always had a seceret (ok, not at all secret, but still) penchanct for Carter, and I still think that Georgina would've made a RAD couple for Carter, except I knew from the start that it wasn't to be because of the whole angel thing, and Seth just bugged me. But I couldn't stop loving Georgie, which, being the main character, was really the most important thing.

Succubus Revealed was special on many levels... it was the last one of Georgie's books, and sure there's that bittersweet feeling, but nothing too bad. What was bad - or good, I guess, depending on your definition of a good book... - was the one little side problem that Mead added into the book. I have to say, it added a whole new side and put a nice twist into the plot (plus, it gave us a super-cute Carter scene!). I'm talking, of course, of Andrea Mortensen's cancer. I've had friends come over to me and say that they were almost crying because of it, so it's easy to understand why I, who just recently lost my mom to the exact same cancer and saw in the book a very good description of my life for the past two years, full-out bawled three times. However, like I said, it added a second layer to the novel, and it was good one. And wonderfully written, as usual.

It was also special because, miracle of miracles, I actually started liking Seth in this book. I think a good loser always knows when it's time to concede victory with grace, and that's what happened here.

With Georgina's love life in a bliss and her work life in a pit, the usual amount of wit, humor, sarcasm (hi Carter, I'm looking at you!), Succubus Revealed left me sweating at some times, crying at others, smiling, cheering, swearing and grumbling all the way through the book. All in all, a great read for the Georgina fans, with an end which, if not unexpected, seals off our favorite succubus' life with a golden key.

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