Thursday, August 09, 2012

Foolish Games

Title: Foolish Games
Author: Leah Spiegel
Genre: YA
Rating: 5/5
Cover: 3/10

Joie Hall just wanted to get away from her mother. Now that high school is over, Joie's mom seemed to take far too much interest in what Joie's plans for the future would be - which would be frustrating enough if she actually knew what she wanted to do. Since she has no idea, Joie jumps at the chance to spend the summer with her two best friends, following a band, even though the idea of being a groupie holds zilch attraction for her. Even so, she agrees to drive Riley and Lizzie across the country for The Grimm Brothers Band's summer tour.
When Lizzie hooks up with the bassist, Warren, Joie finds herself stuck in an extremely awkward elevator ride with the two lovebirds and the lead singer, J. T. Hawkins - a ride that would change her life forever.  When Hawkins makes a snide remark about her to Warren, he sparks a flame of resentment that ends up spilling out the next day, when Riley asks for her help reviewing the concert for the band's official website. In a moment of driving despair, the full email with Joie's bitter words gets sent to the website.
That review started a verbal and cyber war between Hawkins and Joie that would drag in everyone they know, as they battle it out to find out who can be more stubborn, and come up with the wittier comeback.
Worst of all, it put Joie and her friends in the spotlight of a deranged, psychotic stalker of the band, hell-bent on destroying Hawkins... no matter the cost in collateral damage.

I could not put Foolish Games down. For such a good book, I was most pleasantly surprised at the low Kindle price, and pounced on it; only to find myself now, mere hours after starting it, feeling adrift and lost now that I've been kicked back into the real world. Joie's world is compelling, with heart-thumping, grip-your-chair-in-anxiety action and suspense, and a love story to make any fan of a good romance fall in head over heels. Most definitely recommended!

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