Saturday, October 06, 2012

Reflected in You

Title: Reflected in You
Author: Sylvia Day
Genre: Adult
Rating: 4.5/5
Cover: 3/10

That ending COMPLETELY blindsided me. Well, not the ending per se, but more like what led up to the ending. I just didn't think Gideon had it in him. And he annoyed the living daylights out of me in this book. There were times I just had to put the book down before I committed fictional murder through kindle death. And I love my kindle way too much to do that to the poor thing.
I felt that reading Gideon was like diving into a less serious happening of the Jackson Marriage Case in 1891 (don't ask; it's a long story, but damn that thing scarred me), in which, in a nutshell, the asshole husband, who left his wife with her sister exactly one day after the wedding and sailed off to New Zealand, got so mad when he came back and she told him to shove it, that he kidnapped her and kept her against her will in his house.
There is one scene in particular in Reflected in You that reminded me of this, and while no actual kidnapping is involved (though it does involve a car, and leads to a weekend with no communication... I'm sure you all know what I'm referring to), it still deeply bothered me how the matter was resolved and then later on just swept over, like it was perfectly fine. If my boyfriend ever did that to me, he'd be limping home -- a-freaking-lone.
Reading this book was like watching all of the feminist work crash and burn - double standards depending on sex, threats, and way too much control obsession, and yet... 4.5. I just don't even know anymore. And I suppose some people are into that sort of stuff. Truth be told, it's the rest of the book, the parts when Gideon wasn't being an overbearing control freak son of a bitch, that I just loved. The story has stuck with me, even though I've already started another book, and that, I think, is the mark of a good book. Still, I couldn't bring myself to give it a 5.

Also, what Gideon did at the end, though insanely creepy, and freaking illegal, I don't particularly care. That particular asshole deserved to be behind bars years ago; at least like this, some manner of justice was served.

To any of you interested: The Jackson Marriage Case ended after a drag through court, where Mrs. Jackson actually lost once, but when her friends appealed, she was finally allowed to leave her husband's house and live her life as she pleased.

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