Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spotlight Wednesdays: Mercy Thompson Series

Title: Mercy Thompson
Title of First Book: Moon Called
Author: Patricia Briggs
Genre: UF
Rating: 4/5

Why You Should Read it

Putting it simply, it's awesome.

Mercy is a shapeshifter coyote that was brought up by a pack of werewolves. She got sick and tired of always be the outsider, and left to live in the human world. She's a pretty decent mechanic, and she likes the life she has.

Except when the job fixing a bus for a vampire customer gets weird, Mercy has to consider asking for help from the werewolf pack that moved in next door to her years before.

It's got everything anyone could possibly want - mystery, romance, supernatural uglies, danger, explosions and a badass lead.

Did I mention she has two hot as hell werewolves fighting over her, and a weirdly chivalrous vampire has shown interest? Yeah, everyone either wants to be Mercy, date Mercy or kill Mercy.

No, I'm serious.

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