Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Cover Love: Glass Sword

This just in! The stunning cover for the sequel to Red Queen. If you, like me, thought they'd have trouble topping the awesome that was the cover of Red Queen... well. I'll let you decide for yourself.
Personally, I think they're both gorgeous, but also incredibly similar? This one has less blood on it, but... yeah...

According to Yahoo! Movies, "When Glass Sword opens, Maven has betrayed Mare and his brother, Cal, and the two have been rescued by the Scarlet Guard. In addition to fighting the segregation that torments the red-blooded masses, Mare will be seeking out other Reds like her. Where the first book cover showed an upside-down crown dripping red blood, the new one follows suit, this time with a crown made of glass swords and dripping both red and silver blood, a symbol, Aveyard told us, meant to show that “both sides are going to have problems this time around.”

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