Monday, May 30, 2011


This is it! THE day of the opening of the Harry, A History giveaway, and I came to share a little more info on his this giveaway will work and what it entails.

Beneath these guidelines, I'll post my own testimony for what Harry Potter has meant to me through these 11 years of having it in my life.

Then every person wanting to enter, will have to write a comment on this post (comments on other posts will not be taken into account), with no more than the limit of words per comment box (in other words, only one comment per person), telling me what Harry Potter means to you. It can be how you discovered it, some life lesson the books gave you, the feelings you have at watching the definite end of the series draw ever closer... it's up to you. Just do it up nice.
On July 10th, me and a friend of mine will go through each entry and choose the ones that move us the most, narowing down the list of competitors. After that, we throw that smaller list into which will then cough up a name.
Yes, it's international. If you fare better writing in portuguese, follow this link :)

The prizes:
-One copy of Harry, A History by Melissa Anelli
-One Harry Potter Magical Creatures bookmark
-Two Harry Potter bracelets.

Fingers positioned on your keyboards? Ready, set, WRITE! :D

Timeless Journey

When I was six, my Dad bought a copy of Philosopher's Stone on a trip back home from a congress, and he read the whole thing on the four-hour flight. He got home, and told me he thought I'd like it, and so he read it to me. He was wrong: I didn't like it; I absolutely loved it. I wanted the next one, and when we were done with that one, the next... that was when my Dad ran out of time to read it to me, and I, being seven by then, decided to take matters into my own hands and read Prisoner of Azkaban by my own little tod. It took me about three months, but when I was done, there was no holding me back.
My Mom insisted it was "Just a phase; in a few years, you'll forget it even exists." but I adamantly objected that, no, it wasn't, and please can I have the Harry Potter LEGO? And the lunch bag? And the themed party?
Finally, the years went by and it became clear Harry was a permanent fixture in my life; he was going absolutely nowhere at all.
I know nowadays, this is the utmost cliché of all, but to me, it's also the truth: I grew up with Harry. And I know, when I look at any Potter-related thing, that no matter where I go in the wordl, no matter what happens to me, what I do for a living, I'll always have my three biggest, best childhood friends with me, because Harry, Ron and Hermione... they're eternal.

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