Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spotlight Wednesdays: Foolish Games

Title: Foolish Games
Author: Leah Spiegel
Genre: NA contemporary
Rating: 5/5

Why you should read it

It's funny how some books just stick with you, you know? And no matter what, someone will say something, years later, and you'll think of that book again.

I think for me, Foolish Games did that because Joie reminded me so much of myself. She's the geeky girl that takes her kindle to concerts and reads if she's not interested in the band. And while I've never actually done that (because I only actually pay money to go see stuff I actually like), it's the kind of thing I could definitely see me doing if I were ever in her position.
And, because you're all readers too, I'm sure that her character will resonate with you guys too.

Besides, I spent over half the book shaking with laughter. The kindle scene results in the reason I can never listen to Aerosmith's Love in an Elevator again without sighing wistfully. And for all you lovers of slow burn relationships, this one is definitely for you - Hawkins and Joie most definitely do not hit it off instantly, and hilarity ensues from their ever escalating antics.

Handy hint and tip, though: don't bother with books #2 & #3. I found them to be severely lacking, especially when compared to how amazing Foolish Games is. And it doesn't end on a cliffhanger, so I prefer to see it as a standalone.

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