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Shipping Saturdays #5: The One that Introduced me to Ships

The winner of last week's Shipping Saturdays was: Dimitri Belikov

Welcome to Shipping Saturdays! Basically, I talk about my favourite ship in a book/series, and then you guys get to vote on which favourite pairing of that book/series you prefer. If there are any couples you'd like me to talk about, let me know in the comments (along with what book they're from, in case I haven't read it yet!) and I'll add them to the list.

Like the title says, these three suckers (I mean that literally, but we'll get there in a minute) introduced me to the painful world of shipping, back in the day when I still wasn't quite sure what I was doing with books. Sure, I subconsciously shipped Harmony (all about that in the Shipping Saturdays #2 here) as a kid, but this trio was the first one that made me consciously stop and say 'she better end up with Damon, or so help me God'.

And I kind of let the cat out of the bag with that comment. Yeah, that's right. My first ever conscious ship was while reading The Vampire Diaries. I always feel dated when talking about these books, because these days people don't even know there are books, it's all about the TV show. But yes, I read the books first. In fact, I boycotted the TV show at first out of pure principle and in respect for all the changes they'd made. I then quit the books cold turkey when HarperTeen fired L. J. Smith (the author) and hired a ghost writer to write under Smith's name because they couldn't take the fact that she was going to make Delena endgame.

Publishing's twelve year-old tantrums aside, one thing that did not change from books to TV, was my love for Damon (helped along greatly on-screen by the delicious Ian Somerhalder of course). By book 3, when Elena turns into a vamp and is sired to Damon, I was cheering in my chair when she nearly kills Stefan because he hurt Damon. 

Those two are like two peas in a pod. And sure, Elena lacks Damon's penchant for cruelty (unless we're talking about Katherine. She so did not see Elena being a bitch coming), but she makes him want to be a better person, and he makes her live. With Stefan, she exists; with Damon, she lives. Plus, Stefan spent a whole season moping over the fact that she's a vampire and now he can't love her because ew she can be with me forever! Or whatever his excuse was, I don't even know. I don't think he does, either. Fact is, Damon's love for Elena is unconditional - as shown time and again when he tirelessly loves her through her various forms: human, vamp, ghost, angel-like thing and everything in between. In the books, if you're looking to read some awesome Delena goodness, dive into The Return: Midnight; it's guaranteed to leave any Delena fan in a puddle of fangirling goo on the floor. It's pure beauty.

But enough of me waffling on about how dreamy Damon is, even as he asks - nay, begs - her to be his Queen of Not-So-Dark Darkness *sigh*. You know what to do.

Stefan or Damon?
Nope, Elena should've gone for the kitsune! (replace here by Elijah is you've only seen the TV show)
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