Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Review: Fang Me

Title: Fang Me (Demon Underground #3)
Author: Parker Blue
Genre: YA
Rating: 4.5/5
Cover: 7/10 - I like the background, but the model looks nothing like what I imagine Val to be.

I feel like after three books, I should at least say something about the series, so here's my two cents -- I really, really, REALLY enjoy these books. The main character, Val, reminds me a little of one of my favorite heroins out there, which is always a plus.
Not to mention her dog. That dog is hilarious, and I want one for myself.
The only problem I can find in these books are the beginnings. The first one started out great, the middle was excellent, then the ending was a little lacking, so it got 4 stars. After that, both book #2, Try Me, and Fang Me, have had beginnings that have simply dragged. If I hadn't already gotten through Bite Me and expereince the awesome plot, butt-kicking and characters, I'd probably have given up on the book. I know it's hard to start a book already mid-action, because you need some background, but still.
However, it must be said that, once over the 7% of dragginess, the plot seems to take off, and there is no possibility of letting go until the book is finished.
Fang Me surprised me. I miss Dan Sullivan; I really liked him, and was hoping he and Val could sort things out. After the connection they shared in Bite Me, it feels... wrong, somehow, to have them simply part ways. It doesn't exactly help that, while I think Shade is a great guy and all that, all his mushiness, and lovey-dovey stuff just doesn't cut it for me. Still, while I wasn't thrilled about what went down between Val and him in this book, I have no stronger objections to the guy other than that he isn't badass enough for me, so I can't hate him for that.
I definitely recommend these books for anyone looking for some nice vampire story, filled with yummy supernaturals, hot guys, humor and a strong female lead.
4.5/5 for the slow start, I'm afraid.

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