Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Review: Out of Sight, Out of Time

Title: Out of Sight, Out of Time
Author: Ally Carter
Genre: YA
Rating: 5/5
Cover: 3.5/5

I want to start off saying that of the two books that came out last Tuesday, I left this for last because all of the over Gallagher Girls books didn't impress me all too much. I mean sure, they were great books, but they didn't grip me in the I-cannot-stop-reading-this-I-need-to-keep-reading-and-never-stop frenzy. I was expecting much the same from Out of Sight, Out of Time.

Boy, was I in for a shock.

I loved it!
No, really, I did. Let's find out why...

Cammie Morgan is the Chameleon. The daughter of two of the best spies of their time, pupil of another, girlfirend of a spy, and best friend with the next generation of super spies, she has never known the true meaning of "normal". But even her notion of normal goes crazy when she wakes up in a cottage deep in the Alps. There is snow on the ground, but the last thing Cammie remembers, was leaving Gallagher Academy for summer holidays, to go after the Circle. Five months of her life have gone by, and she has no idea what happened to her during that time. She doesn't know what she did, who she spoke to, where she went, or even what went wrong.
The only thing she does know is that she needs to find out, because her friends don't seem to entirely trust her anymore, Zach has been spending alot of alone time with Bex, and Bex will hardly look her in the eye. To make matters worse, Cam's mom and aunt are determined that it would be best for her not to remember what happened - after all, sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.
But Cammie is taking no chances. She knows something big happened during summer, and she is determined to find out what it was, even if that drives her mad - literally speaking.

It already started off good, but seriously, as the book goes on, the plot thickens, and yet you're still going "ok, that's cool, but... what's the plot, anyway?" which just makes everything even more interesting. There is everything in this book: humor, suspense, creepiness galore, heart-pounding moments, and of course, lots of spying.
Who can you trust?

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