Monday, March 05, 2012

Book Review: Possession

Title: Possession
Author: Elana Johnson
Genre: Dystopia, YA
Rating: 4.5/5
Cover: 10/10

was, for the lack of a better word, different.

I loved the charcters. I've seen many people complain about the silliness of Vi and Jag, and all that rubbish of "Vi language for..." but a wake-up call: they're 17. They're adolescents, no matter how much their lives have matured them, that is their core, and no amount of grief can change that, which I absolutely loved.

Other than that, the fast pace and witty dialogue kept me hooked. Plus, that ending. Holy flying cows, THAT ENDING!
Can't say much for the beginning, though, but I'm glad I forced myself to pay attention as it takes an important role later on in the book.

Jag made me laugh. I think he truly is an amazing guy, even though I felt the romance between those two - which, thankfully, did not fall from the sky - was a bit... uhm, I don't know. Fake, I guess? That's not quite it, though. Just not right, I suppose.
While Zenn... Zenn mesmerized me. I have, it seems, a weird pull towards the characters with severe mental problems, but either way, I loved him. Everything he did, what he didn't do, what he said and how he acted... I absolutely adored the fact that, to very last page, I still wasn't sure if I should trust him or not; on who's side he is. And, masochistic that I am, I just love a well-written, complex, confusing character for me to try and figure them out, and Zenn was no different.

Gotta say this, though - the amount of non-deaths was kind of a let-down. In a world like the one in Possession, you expect people to die to be free...

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