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Shipping Saturdays #1

This will be a weekly addition to the blog. Basically, I talk about my favourite ship in a book/series, and then you guys get to vote on which favourite pairing of that book/series you prefer. If there are any couples you'd like me to talk about, let me know in the comments (along with what book they're from, in case I haven't read it yet!) and I'll add them to the list. 
Weekly poll winners will be announced in the next Shipping Saturdays post.

This week, the spotlight is on Celeana Sardothien and her veritable harem of men. May contain spoilers for Heir of Fire; definite spoilers for the first two books.

So I've always been an avid Doraena (Dorian x Celaena) shipper. He gets her in a way that Chaol never could, because he too knows what it's like to have to hide part of yourself, out of fear and protection. This quote from Heir of Fire, when Dorian tells Chaol that he 'can't pick and choose which parts of her to love' really touched me, and reminded me why I shipped them so hard back in Throne of Glass.
Also, by the end of Crown of Midnight, I was all but convinced she'd have to marry him to help seal the peace between Terrasen and Adarlan. And they could have a plethora of royal babies. And while that's still definitely a scenario I'd be happy to see, Heir of Fire introduced another contender - Rowan.
And I know, chances are it will never be more than platonic because of his mate way back when, but a girl can dream, right? I mean, can you imagine the badassedness that would be a marriage between those two? And the same reasoning applies here - this wedding could also help seal peace between Terrasen and the Fae kingdom, since I'm sure Auntie Dearest will declare war soon enough.

My friend Kim disagrees and tells me I'm insane for shipping anything other than Chaolena, and how dare I. It's weird, cause it's one of the few times we've disagreed on a ship, so Aelin should feel special - she's one of two to divide me and my bookworm friends!

But you tell me now, through comments or just by voting: who do you think Celaena should end up with? (taking into consideration, there are still 3 more books to come, so don't rule out any characters as of yet!)

Who do you ship Celaena with?
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  1. Honestly Mandy - how could you not fall for Chaol?

    Part of me is scared to read Heir of Fire now...if there's another guy thrown into the mix. It'll be like The Grisha series all over again. TOO MANY MEN!!


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