Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shipping Saturdays #3: The Matter of John Watson

Last week's winner of Shipping Saturdays was: (quite unexpectedly, I must add) Harry Potter! Sorry, Ronald. You may have married her, but it seems your nuptials didn't go down too well with the fans!
This is a weekly addition to the blog. Basically, I talk about my favourite ship in a book/series, and then you guys get to vote on which favourite pairing of that book/series you prefer. If there are any couples you'd like me to talk about, let me know in the comments (along with what book they're from, in case I haven't read it yet!) and I'll add them to the list.

This one slightly veers into the world of TV, but since it was primarily in book form, I can still write about it here: John Watson. I'll probably do one for Sherlock soon enough, but this week we're discussing the pros and cons of the good doctor's wife Mary vs his (let's face it) soulmate Sherlock.

Now for argument's sake, let's base this primarily on the BBC series, since I figure that's probably the most well-known Sherlock version out there (though honestly, the truth is universal, and Johnlock is the truth in all versions... ahem). The movies did okay, but I think Cumberbatch wins. So.

Much as I love Mary's take no shit attitude, and the fact that she pretty much insists on John going to see Sherlock, and then pretty much single-handedly gets them to make up again, and soothes Sherlock's wedding jitters... well. She's a great character, and I love what Abbington has done with her, but come on. 

On the BBC, in the movies, in the gender-inverted version Elementary, even in the books and stories based off Sherlock (The Mentalist, I'm looking at you), John and Sherlock have so much chemistry, it's ridiculous. Obviously, Doyle would hate my guts for even writing this post, since it pretty much highlights the fact that Sherlock Holmes became very famous, and obviously in his time, homosexuality was heavily frowned upon, but come on. Is it actually possible to look at these characters and see anything other than Johnlock?

You tell me! And don't worry, I don't judge (and the poll doesn't tell me who you are, so vote away), so do vote for what you believe in :)

It's elementary, my dear Watson!
Sherlock, duh!
Mary Morstan-Watson the whole way!
Other (really? Please tell me, cause I want to know!)
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