Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pieces of You

Title: Pieces of You
Author: Ella Harper
Genre: contemporary
Rating: 5/5 painful stars
Cover: 10/10

It's been a whole day, and I'm still struggling to put into words all the emotions this books gave me.
The cover is so misleading, too. Seriously, that's a blooming pink dress.

I just, I have a lot of feelings about this book. About halfway through I literally had to put it down and go for a walk. I'd planned on coming back and reading something, but I physically couldn't. The characters were banging around in my head; at one point I swear there was a full-blown jury going on in my head. It ruled wrong, because it turned out he'd been guilty, but still.
Amazing characters, and really the whole story struck quite a few chords personally. I don't know about wanting babies, but I do know all about having a loved one in the hospital, and Harper captured the emotion range perfectly.
In a way, I liked the ending Harper gave to Patricia. It seemed to suggest that maybe Lucy would get there one day too, and that maybe not everything would be so bleak always.
I've heard a few grumblings about the multiple narrations, especially from Nell and Patricia. I have to admit that it threw me at first; it just doesn't make sense to have one narrator be in first person and the other two in third, and I still think that was weird. I did like stepping out of Lucy's head every now and then, though. The pain going on in there got to a bursting point every now and then, and it was always a relief to step back into the more detached third person; so, even though it's weird, I think it's just what this particular book needed.
Definitely read it, but be sure to have tissues around. You'll need them.

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