Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shipping Saturdays #2: Why Poke a Sleeping Dragon?

Last weeks' winner of Shipping Saturdays was: Dorian Havilliard!
This will be a weekly addition to the blog. Basically, I talk about my favourite ship in a book/series, and then you guys get to vote on which favourite pairing of that book/series you prefer. If there are any couples you'd like me to talk about, let me know in the comments (along with what book they're from, in case I haven't read it yet!) and I'll add them to the list.

This is a controversial one, and it's rather a divider one, too. I'm tackling the big guns today, poking a sleeping dragon and talking Harry Potter. Keeping in mind that I started Potter when I was 6, and thought boys had cooties, let's dive in.

I've always, always, always been a devoted Harmony (Harry/Hermione) fan. I can see you pulling a disgusted face in the background. Yes, I know. Trust me, I know. But, to a six-year old, when a girl hugs a boy, she has got to want to marry him, because ew.
So, at age 7 (when the Chamber of Secrets movie came out), Hermione ran and hugged Harry. Ergo, they were going to get married. And that just sort of sat in the back of my mind since then, with me subconsciously rejecting the idea of Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione out of principle.

As an adult, I realise that Ron and Hermione's relationship is one of the best things of the series, because for once the hero doesn't end up with the sidekick. But, I also know that in all my similarities with Hermione, I'd kill Ron within a week of being married, so who knows.
So, yes, while I now recognise that there had been hints of Romione throughout the series, I also hold steadfast to my childhood belief that Harry and Hermione would have had a much happier marriage (plus, their couple name is Harmony. It says it all, really!).

Funnily enough, the fighting seems to mostly take place between Harmony and Romione, though I've seen some bizarre pairings out there - Draco, Snape, Dumbledore... 
Vote and let me know which category you fit in, and feel free to drop a comment to defend your team!

The moment of truth: Harry or Ron?
Ron, of course!
What? Neither, Hermione belongs with Draco!
Other (comment and let me know!)

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