Monday, October 27, 2014

Crisis in Cali

Title: Crisis in Cali (Great Exploitations #5)
Author: Nicole Williams
Genre: Adult contemporary
Rating: 4/5
Cover: 10/10

This interrupted my binge re-watch of Sherlock. I got so excited when I saw this was out, Cumberbatch was left talking to John for an hour before I finished it and realised Sherlock was still playing on my computer. Oops.
Altogether, quite sad, too. I've said before, and you can see all about my love for these serials in the Spotlight Wednesdays for them here. So my excitement is understandable. The sad thing was, after all that waiting for the last instalment, it felt a bit rushed. And by that I mean, Eve seemed weirdly out of character throughout it; not in a major way, and I suppose that can mainly be blamed on her lack of enthusiasm for her job.
But what I did find weird was that, although the twist was a stroke of genius, it left a gaping plot hole in its' wake that I can't believe no one on goodreads (I read through a couple of reviews) has spotted it yet. If Henry did what he said he did, how does he - how does anyone, really - explain the presence of the woman from the competing Eve agency a few serials back, who had also been trying to nab him? She fits in nowhere, which is likely why she wasn't mentioned in Crisis in Cali, but I remember her, and I'm trying desperately to fit her into Henry's story somehow, because it is such a nice, neat story, but she just... doesn't. It's annoying, I've got this random Eve woman banging around inside my head, telling me something's not quite right with Henry's story, and that sort of ruined the happiness of the ending, because I kept waiting for her to find out he was lying to her.
Damn you Other Eve Plot hole!
Other than that though, a lovely ending, and one Eve very much deserved after everything.

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