Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Twelve Books of Christmas: Day 6

We've hit the half-way mark! Only six days until Christmas. Don't panic if you're still looking for bookish gifts! You can have a look back on the previous Books of Christmas posts here on BookWorm for ideas.

Day 6:
Storm Born, Richelle Mead

This is one of my all-time favourite series of books ever. And it's written by one of my favourite authors ever. Great package deal!
The Dark Swan books are all about the shaman Eugenie Makhram, who helps her stepdad to keep an eye out on any supernatural beasties from the Otherworld from setting up shop in our world. She's very good at what she does, and does it for money. The problem is, suddenly these beasties aren't so intent on killing her, but on... getting in her pants?
Eugenie is in for a bucketload of surprises in Storm Born - namely, that her biological father was the all-powerful and tyrannical King of the Otherworld, and there's a prophecy that his grandson will unite all the kingdoms of the Otherworld. And every single male-indetifying creature on the other side wants a go at being the father of the next King.
Unlikely alliances are made, trust is questioned and love is found where we least expect it. It's a roller coaster ride from book one right until book four - and even beyond, since Mead has already said that she does plan on writing more in this world... eventually.
Fair warning, though: this is very much an adult book, and very graphic sexytimes ensue. Please don't give this to your 12 year-old cousin or something, you will scar the child for life.

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