Friday, December 19, 2014

The Twelve Books of Christmas: Day 7

Day 7:
Thoughtless, S. C. Stephens

If you're sick and tired of fantasy/paranormal books on this list, this might be for you. Although, do be warned: it does involve cheating; and while it's not presented in a positive light, it does happen.

Love triangles? Pfft. Those have nothing on Thoughtless. This book will pull you in, make you fall in love, and then just as you're starting to have fun, it'll dump a bucket of shit all over you and yank your heart out slowly and painfully. And the worst part? You. Will. Love. It.
Though speaking honestly, I haven't had the guts to reread Thoughtless since I first finished it; I did, however, finish book #2, turn right back around and start again - and I wish I'd had the spare time to do the same with #3.
The magic in these books are in the characters. They're so raw, so real, they feel like real people, and yet you can do nothing but watch as they wreck their lives.
You can find my surprisingly coherent review of Thoughtless here, and my very gushy review of Reckless (the last one of the trilogy) here.
If you're getting this is a present to someone (again, these are adult books with sexytimes!), it's probably a good idea to buy all 3 together, or at least the first 2, unless you want a disgruntled friend cursing you out at 3am when they finish Thoughtless.

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