Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spotlight Wednesdays: The DUFF

Title: The DUFF
Author: Kody Keplinger
Genre: NA
Rating: 4/5

Why you should read it

Actually, this is twofold.
Number one, you should read it because it is truly a hilarious book. And, can you believe this, it was her first novel - written when she was only 18?
It's an easy read that flies by, and the characters are very engaging and believable. To this day, I'm incapable of hearing Britney's 'Womaniser' without thinking about this book.

But that's #1.
#2 is that The DUFF is being made into a movie.
Yep! And even though it's nearing on 4 years since I read the book, I'm very excited for this movie - it seems just as funny as I remember the book being :)
Need a little convincing? Here's the trailer:

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