Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Twelve Books of Christmas: Day 8

Day 8:
The Selection, Kiera Cass

The Selection is a sweet dystopian YA with a very cool premise: America Singer enters the nationwide competition to marry Prince Maxom. Even though she doesn't love Maxom (she's never even met him, and besides, she has her own boyfriend at home... even though he broke up with her and broke her heart), the girls who get into the Selection move up in life, and America uses the money she gets to help her family live more comfortably.
The problem is, Maxom is actually quite sweet and handsome, and being around him all the time, it's hard to remember Aspen back home, especially since she's not even so sure she should try to remember him, since he's made it so clear he wants nothing to do with her. And even though she doesn't want the crown, America has to decide if her feelings for Maxom are worth the trouble of being a Queen... or if she should just tell him to send her home.
It's fun, it's spunky but it's not all pretty balls and parties; the palace is constantly in danger from rebels - some of whom storm it and leave with few casualties... another group is much more violent. And they could attack at any time.

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