Saturday, November 27, 2010

Resenha Convidada: Knowledge

Uma amiga minha comprou e leu Knowledge, e se voluntariou pra fazer uma resenha do livro aqui pra mim... mas vai ser em inglês, ok? :)

So, guest review by the awesomastic Liz! <3'

First off loved the character names Elizabeth a.k.a Liz LOL
My fav. I would say would have been Hayley!! Something about her drew me in & I wanted to know more about her sensing, crazy experiments & her life. She captivated me even with being a minor character. Her being a leader of the Guard impressed me.

The way Mandy describes Evalin just made me want to go there other than the muscle controlled hallway xD

The book reminded me of a HP/Avalon High mix but still very good & original in it's own roots. (PS: if there's ever a movie made out of it I'm def seeing it xD)

Sharon as a character was amazingly strong for how young she was, her love with Ian & almost facing her own defeat by him & Hayley OMG! I was almost in tears. GAH!
Liz has powers; I was so surprised by this event & felt the same as Sharon that we were left in the dark & NEEDED to know LOL

I'm glad you took Sharon from a popular cheerleader with a weird power to attending Evalin & becoming a member of the Guard. Jealous the betch got Ian though, he sounds like a dream ;)

So overall I really enjoyed the book & was captivated by the characters & the school you created. Hope there's a sequel Mandy cause I need more!! *hugs & congrats again bb*

Super thanks to Liz for this review! <3


  1. Seu livro parece ser realmente interessante. Ele vai ser vendido no Brasil, tipo, em inglês mesmo?

  2. Muito obrigada!
    E que eu saiba, vai sim, mas talvez ainda demore para chegar. ;)


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